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May 27, 2015 - 2:11pm

Sleep.  We all love sleep, especially me.  I soon as my head hits the pillow at night I am asleep.  It happens more now as a parent than when I was not a parent.  
My daughter was a rountine up every 2 hours for feeding until she was 9 months, when I said  to my husband "no more, I need sleep! I am not nursing any more and you can start getting up with her on the weekends" and we started her on formula and milk.  As...

April 20, 2015 - 11:15am

We live in a world today guided by may different rules from when , us as parents, were kids ourselves.  We would be outside all day long playing...from dusk until dawn.  It was safe and acceptable by social norms.  The lack of technology to lure us away from being the kids we were.   Our kids are experiencing a whole new childhood, the first of it's kind, as children for centuries have had to rely on imaginations, friends and nature to guide...

March 23, 2015 - 3:12pm


8 steps to repairing the relationship with your child

by: Andrea Nair

I was listening to a mother tell me how much of a “jerk” her five-year-old was. She explained that he was “out to get her,” and “trying to make her life miserable.” With a deep sigh, she told me she didn’t want to be with her son, which made her very sad. “I mean, I love him, but I can’t stand...

March 19, 2015 - 9:59am

By Maryann Tomovich Jacobsen, MS, RD on February 12, 2015
More than a decade ago I was calculating the nutrition for a meal plan when vitamin D kept coming up short. This happened even with the inclusion of milk so I started to look into it. And what I found was really striking.
Every parent should understand the impact vitamin D has on kids’ health from preconception all the way to adulthood. So let’s dig in.

March 19, 2015 - 9:49am

 Why is reading important?
The ability to read is an important key to success in school and in life.
Everyday we need to make sense of information that is all around us.
We read to:

  •  learn about our world and the things that interest us
  •  find a good job and keep it
  •  communicate with family, friends and others
  • enjoy the pleasure of a good story

Here is the...

March 19, 2015 - 9:46am

Samantha Rodman PhD
Mom, Psychologist,
Are you naturally carefree and happy? If so, it's likely a mix of your genetics (identical twins reared apart are usually the same level of happy) and your personal choices about how to live your life. The field of positive psychology centers on the idea that people can make themselves happy just by changing how they think and act. Happiness is conceptualized as more of a habit than a God-given...

November 27, 2014 - 10:41am

By Stuart Shanker
Something quite remarkable is happening across Canada today: suddenly everyone is talking about self-regulation.  They're not always sure they know what it means, let alone what to do about it. But there is a widespread awareness that self-reguation is one of those scientific breakthroughs that heralds a turning point in how we see and help children.
In the simplest terms, self-regulation refers to the neural processes that...

July 24, 2014 - 3:41pm

Since I added the Plants to Avoids article, I did one on Flowers.
Refences from Wikipedia.
Commonly mistaken for horseradish, this perennial's bulbs can kill a grown adult.  Even touching its leaves with bare hands may result in numbness, so wear gloves when dealing with this indigo beauty.
A member of the Snapdragon family, this stunning ornamental sports bell...