Port Alberni Friendship Center

Port Alberni Friendship Center
3555 4th Ave, Port Alberni, BC
250 723 8281

The Port Alberni Friendship Center has much to offer for families and individuals.

Outreach Legal Advocate (OLA)
To provide high quality legal services to individuals who are in need of assistance with applications, housing disputes, information relating to your problem or referral to a lawyer.
Four Directions Program 
This culturally rich program provides weekly opportunities for family activities that include community dinners, Elder's Luncheons, Song and Dance group, plus much more.

Youth Enhancement 
The focus of this program is on building self-esteem and confidence using Switchback model for Youth which may include the focusing on areas of Conflict Resolution, Communication, Life Skills and managing emotions among others.
Youth Program
To offer a variety of free events and activities for Youth in a safe drug and alcohol free environment.  
Youth Employment Program
This program is centered on delivering a culturally supportive opportunities for Aboriginal Yoputh to develope their skills, increase confidence and connect to supports that enable them to gain employment.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Counseling
Offers services to all members of the communtiy, as well as family and individual counseling sessions.
Early Years Program
Provides a link between Aboriginal families and service providers ensuring children have the opportunity for maximized child development support.
Urban Aborigianl Early Childhood Development Program
This program was developed to meet the needs for culturally relevant programming specific to Aboriginal families and children. The Outreach Liaison Workers provides support and information for pregnant and parenting families in their own homes or at Knee-waas.
Family Services Program
This program was developed to empower and assist families who may be at risk of losing their children or are working towards being reunited with one another.  There are a number of parental support groups that are offered through family services. 
Brighter Futures Program
The concept of the Brighter Futures parenting program is to address the needs  and issues facing parents today.  The main philosophy is to provide parents with the tools to successfully deal with their own issues in a constructive manner.

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